What If Your Cell Phone was a Reloadable GiftCard?

Genie Gateway filed patents on technology to convert any cell number into a reloadable gift card, within 5 minutes.

Consumers can now use their cell phone as a powerful, reloadable gift card. The Genie GiftCard leverages several of Genie Gateway’s existing inventions to create the most robust Virtual GiftCard in the industry! It combines the best of two worlds; closed loop peer-to-peer (P2P) real-time payments and open loop payments, where a GiftCard holder can both send and receive payments, face-to-face, online, or by phone, from anyone with an email address and a checking account, at any bank in the United States.

GiftCard customers can use their cell phone number as a single identifying numberto establish a business connection to any firm, person, organization or entity and to conduct a wide variety of communications and transactions with those parties with complete security.

While trying to make our product as simple as possible, we’ve been asking people four questions. Almost everyone answered the same way, and we bet you will too :
  1. ‘Do you have a credit card?’ ‘Yes.’
  2. ‘Do you know the number?’ ‘Sorry no…’
  3. ‘Do you have a cell phone?’ ‘Sure.’
  4. ‘Do you know the number?’ ‘Of course.’

The Genie reloadable GiftCard is designed for businesses who wish to provide a friendly service to their returning customers. This service is very simple: their customers use their cell number to pay for their shopping, and since service is a self-contained closed loop system, NO complex banking relationships are needed. Participating merchants can offer their Store-Exclusive Gift cards free of charge, and their customer can use up to five different ways to load funds to their Genie GiftCard

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